Georgie's Wundergarten

At least once a year Chasing The HiHat organizes Georige’s Wundergarten: a magical and inspired music and performance festival hosted at Ruigoord.

Georgie’s has never struggled to sell tickets, so he decided to add a Sunday to the mix. To excite and bring in a new crowd of festival goers Wild Meep conceived and created short videos and animations  representing the different elements of Georgie’s Wundergarten.

Each video tells a small story that relates to the festival directly. Chasing The HiHat trickles them out on Georgie’s website and through Facebook in the weeks leading up to the festival.

"Online Rechters [Special)" - (2018)

Directed by: Elwin Bes

Edited by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"Nightmare on the Rozengracht" - Boom Chicago (2013)

Cinematography by: Stijn Jonkhart

Music and Sound: Crimson Craft

Written, Edited, and Directed by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"Listen to your brand" - Brandframe (2014)

Cinematography by: Lieor van Os

Edited, and Directed by Daniel Hillel-Tuch


Documentaireserie voor NTR. Filmmakers Annegré Bosman en Mildred Roethof brengen wereldwijd vrouwen en mannen in beeld die ten strijde trekken om te vechten voor hun ideaal. 

Offline edit: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Tracks&Trails NKBV Bergsportdag 2014

Edit by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"Facial Hair Context" Sketch for Boom Chicago's "Whats' Up With Those Beards" (2014)

Written and Starring: Jim Woods

Music: "All By Myself" by Django Reinhardt

Sound Mixing and Mastering: Crimson Craft

Directed, edited and shot by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"The Last Man" - 48 Hour Film InFocus Productions (2014)

Producers:  Dave Damon, Maureen Freichmann and Barend van Balen 

Director: Hugo Metsers II

Director of Photography: Robert M. Berger

Written by: Jasper Klimbie

Edited by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

password and link available on request

password and link available on request

"Rabobank ITI News" (2014)

Written by Michael Orton-Toliver

Directed and Edited by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Boom Chicago: The 7 Deadly Dutch Sins (2013) commercial shown on Comedy Central and in Pathé Tuschinski 

Starring: Jim Woods and Cari Leslie 

Sound, music and mixing: Crimson Craft

Camera and Cinematography: Stijn Jonkhart

Written, Directed and Edited by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"Electronic Cigarette" for Boom Chicago's "What's Up With Those Beards" (2014)

Written and staring: Rob AndristPlourde

Camera and Cinematography: Lieor van Os

Sound Mixing and Mastering and additional music: Crimson Craft

Music “So Far So Close” by Jahzzar

Directed and Edited: Daniel Hillel-Tuch 


Baby I Like It Raw: Boom Chicago has moved (2013)

Written/Directed/Shot/Cycled/Edited by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

wifi (2010) college short

Concept by: Miakoda Gale

Written by: Miakoda Gale & Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Cinematography By: Miakoda Gale

Directed by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Twix Eaters Anonymous (2005)

Written by Claire Taylor

Directed by Hanro Smitsman

Starring Daniel Hillel-Tuch