Georgie's Wundergarten

At least once a year Chasing The HiHat organizes Georige’s Wundergarten: a magical and inspired music and performance festival hosted at Ruigoord.

Georgie’s has never struggled to sell tickets, so he decided to add a Sunday to the mix. To excite and bring in a new crowd of festival goers Wild Meep conceived and created short videos and animations  representing the different elements of Georgie’s Wundergarten.

Each video tells a small story that relates to the festival directly. Chasing The HiHat trickles them out on Georgie’s website and through Facebook in the weeks leading up to the festival.

"Nightmare on the Rozengracht" - Boom Chicago (2013)

Cinematography by: Stijn Jonkhart

Music and Sound: Crimson Craft

Written, Edited, and Directed by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"Listen to your brand" - Brandframe (2014)

Cinematography by: Lieor van Os

Edited, and Directed by Daniel Hillel-Tuch



Video for

Edit by Nikolas Grasso

Graphics by TamTu Bui

Directed, written and voice over by Daniel Hillel-Tuch


Documentaireserie voor NTR. Filmmakers Annegré Bosman en Mildred Roethof brengen wereldwijd vrouwen en mannen in beeld die ten strijde trekken om te vechten voor hun ideaal. 

Offline edit: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Tracks&Trails NKBV Bergsportdag 2014

Edit by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"Facial Hair Context" Sketch for Boom Chicago's "Whats' Up With Those Beards" (2014)

Written and Starring: Jim Woods

Music: "All By Myself" by Django Reinhardt

Sound Mixing and Mastering: Crimson Craft

Directed, edited and shot by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch


"The Last Man" - 48 Hour Film InFocus Productions (2014)

Producers:  Dave Damon, Maureen Freichmann and Barend van Balen 

Director: Hugo Metsers II

Director of Photography: Robert M. Berger

Written by: Jasper Klimbie

Edited by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

  password and link available on request

password and link available on request

"Rabobank ITI News" (2014)

Written by Michael Orton-Toliver

Directed and Edited by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Boom Chicago: The 7 Deadly Dutch Sins (2013) commercial shown on Comedy Central and in Pathé Tuschinski 

Starring: Jim Woods and Cari Leslie 

Sound, music and mixing: Crimson Craft

Camera and Cinematography: Stijn Jonkhart

Written, Directed and Edited by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

"Electronic Cigarette" for Boom Chicago's "What's Up With Those Beards" (2014)

Written and staring: Rob AndristPlourde

Camera and Cinematography: Lieor van Os

Sound Mixing and Mastering and additional music: Crimson Craft

Music “So Far So Close” by Jahzzar

Directed and Edited: Daniel Hillel-Tuch 


Baby I Like It Raw: Boom Chicago has moved (2013)

Written/Directed/Shot/Cycled/Edited by Daniel Hillel-Tuch

wifi (2010) college short

Concept by: Miakoda Gale

Written by: Miakoda Gale & Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Cinematography By: Miakoda Gale

Directed by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Twix Eaters Anonymous (2005)

Written by Claire Taylor

Directed by Hanro Smitsman

Starring Daniel Hillel-Tuch