Black Jaguar Foundation



Writing a chapter for "No Risk No Life"

While working as a film editor at Cinemeta I had the good fortune of meeting Ben Valks.  Ben has lived a life full of adventure, dog sledding, motorcycle riding, and jungle exploration. He put those stories to words in his book “No Risk, No Life.” Cinemeta has kindly sponsored an office space for Ben Valks to run his Black Jaguar Foundation, an ambitious and admirable rainforest reforestation project. Together with Ben Valks, I wrote an additional chapter for the English edition of the book, “My next dream: The Black Jaguar Foundation.”


In it we explain the story, inspiration, and efforts towards the creation and groundwork of the BJF. The English edition is to be published this year, though I am fortunate to hold an early edition in my hands. It does wonders for the ego to see your name in print, and massages the soul when it’s associated with something truly worthwhile.