Besides writing scripts for films and commercials, I also write words for screens and pages


Black Jaguar Foundation: No Risk No Life

While working as a film editor at Cinemeta I had the good fortune of meeting Ben Valks. Ben has lived a life full of adventure, dog sledding, motorcycle riding, and jungle exploration. He put those stories to words in his book “No Risk, No Life.” Cinemeta has kindly sponsored an office space for Ben Valks to run his Black Jaguar Foundation, an ambitious and admirable rainforest reforestation project. Together with Ben Valks, I wrote an additional chapter for the English edition of the book, “My next dream: The Black Jaguar Foundation.” In it we explain the story, inspiration, and efforts towards the creation and groundwork of the BJF. The English edition is to be published this year, though I am fortunate to hold an early edition in my hands. It does wonders for the ego to see your name in print, and massages the soul when it’s associated with something truly worthwhile.

Under Armour 

As a freelancer at DigitasLBi I had the exciting task of writing social media copy for Under Armour. This included writing in their hardcore and motivational tone of voice, as well as in the language of their athletes. The team at DigitasLbi had pitched the concept that the Under Armour athletes would Go Dark on social media, so as to focus on their training. Once back “in the light” they would reveal on their social accounts their hard work. While ‘dark’ I also wrote the copy for their campaign photography. The irony was not lost on me.

Later I was brought back to work on the campaign for Under Armour’s healthbox, a fitness tracking system. Through provided materials and our own research, I wrote short inspirational copy that focused on the four elements the system assisted: Activity, Nutrition, Fitness, and Sleep.

Check out some of the work here:

Check out the case study on DigitasLBi here:

Protest Sportswear

Despite not being much of an athlete, nor particularly involved in winter sports, (though I enjoy the occasional ski trip), Protest Sportswear believed I could write for them. Write a lot. This includes: commercial product descriptions, seasonal collection descriptions, press releases, as well as provide editorial support their website stories, and finally, support in the development of their video and photo production.

A good example is this jacket description: 

The stylish and cool Broadcast jacket from Protest comes in a colour block and melange style and features a metal zipper along with snap buttons. A teddy fur lining provides ultimate comfort. A fixed hood keeps you feeling safe and secure. Wear the reliable and stylish Broadcast jacket for a strong and dependable look.



I blog, sometimes, and I do that—as all self-promotional entrepreneurial types do—on Medium. If you are ready to dive into little bit of a longer read, and my theories on storytelling and whatnot, check out:

Dear Successful Creatives: be honest, you had help

Cajoled loquacity: How I discovered my filmmaking voice on a storytelling stage was founded in 2016 as a new international venture of NS, the Dutch railway company. The site was designed to accommodate the increasing number of international travelers.

Based on input and information from NS researchers I wrote all the content found on the website in a clear, informative, and accessible style. 


Even a cannabis seed company needs copy. An example of some of work I performed for Sensi Seeds includes the launch page for the new strain Michka.

I also wrote their twitter posts, press releases, newsletters, and banner ads.


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